In 2006, my husband and I built a school in in rural Ratanakiri, Cambodia.  In 2009, we went to dedicate the school, and saw many more needs, the greatest being a dormitory and a well.  Working with the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, we were able to raise funds for a dormitory, and subsequently added a well, and a second dormitory.

  There are many more needs, including: nutrition programs, health programs, pre-school, and high school scholarships.  We are making progress.

  We are now working as a separate entity, the Caramanico Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization, and are supporting three schools: a preschool (now under construction), a primary school, and a lower secondary school. 

  WEBSITE: The Caramanico Foundation:


Please make a tax deductable donation to help us realize these important projects, or purchase a piece of art.  Art purchases may be made by contacting me through the Guestbook page on this website (click on the book icon).




School Dedication
Greetings from the Caramanico School
Journey to Ratanakiri